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Alif Riad 2017

Rabat – The Alif Riad in Fez is celebrating the work of Australian artist, Natalie Scholtz. The new exhibit of her work titled 'The Story of the Equid', will run from March 16-26 2017. From the end of January and all through February, the artist in residency of the American Fondouk in Fez, opened its doors to Scholtz as she completed her study of the donkeys, mules and horses that comprise Morocco’s beasts of burden. Scholtz uses her skill with familiar mediums of charcoal, ink and pastel, to tell the story of her subjects. In this exhibit, she used bold strokes in charcoal to depict the animal’s strength. She then juxtaposed that starkness with swirls of soft sand-coloured pastels to illuminate their beauty and sublime nature.


The American Fondouk is a non-profit organization that offers veterinary care to animals which still represent invaluable links to the livelihoods of many of Morocco’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens. This new exhibition by Scholtz is a tribute to the noble strength and loyalty of these creatures. 


Moroccan World News 


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